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Little Paws Protocol Changes for COVID-19

UPDATE 5/14/2020

To our Little Paws Animal Clinic family:

Thank you once again for being patient with us as we navigate this new COVID-19 world.  We were hoping to relax our protocols at this point, but as we follow the mandates from the PA State Board of Veterinary Medicine as well as the US Department of Agriculture and CDC this is not yet possible.  We will be following their recommendations for social distancing and curbside service through June 4th.  At that time, we will re-evaluate the situation and make changes as we deem fit.  We are not happy about this extension.  In fact, we are all very upset about it however, in order to keep our license and be here when you need us, we need to continue abiding by the rules (whether we agree with them or not).  We appreciate your continued understanding, compassion and support and we will continue to update you through our FB page and website. 

Here are some of the important changes to our protocols including updates:

  1. We are here for sick/emergency appointments primarily.  We have opened appointments for patients who are > 2 months over-due on vaccinations (especially Rabies) and new puppies /kittens that need to continue with their vaccination series. We are scheduling technician appointments for nail trims and anal gland expressions for our current clientele.  We are also starting to perform limited surgery.  If your pet is currently due for an annual exam/vaccination, we are scheduling appointments starting July 6, 2020.
  2. We are extending our clinic hours beginning Monday, May 18, 2020.  We will be open Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm.  We are going to try going back to full staff which should help our process go a little more smoothly.   Please continue to be patient with us.  This has not been an easy transition and it is still not “normal”. 
  3. Please call/text the office (717-633-3603) when you arrive.   Please let us know what type of vehicle you are driving so that the technician that comes to get your pet knows where to go.  Please leave the best telephone number to reach you while you are waiting for your pet.   If you are picking up medications/food or dropping off a sample, please follow the same instructions.  A staff member will get you checked out and either bring your medications/food to you or pick up your sample.  
  4. One of our technicians will come out to your vehicle to escort your pet into the building.  They will be wearing a mask and gloves.  Please respect social distancing and wear a mask if you are able so that our staff remains safe. 
  5. Please have cats in carriers and dogs on their leashes for safe travel into the clinic.
  6. Please wait in the parking lot during your pet’s outpatient visit.  The veterinarian will call you once the examination is complete to go over findings and make a plan.  Please be sure to be listening for this call.  It helps us move along more efficiently. 
  7. A staff member will call you once your pet’s appointment is done.  They will give you your total and get you checked out.  They will return your pet and along with any medications that are needed.   
  8. If you are ill in any way, respiratory or other, PLEASE have someone else bring your pet to the appointment for you and let us know.  We must stay healthy so that we can be here for you and your pets. 

We want to give SUPER HUGE PROPS to the Little Paws staff members- Debbie, Shelly, June, Natalie, Barb, Emily and Lacey.  These ladies have held the clinic together throughout the pandemic.  They have kept each other safe while continuing to provide the utmost care for your fur babies all the while staying cheerful and pleasant.  We are all lucky to have every one of them as a member of the Little Paws team so the next time that you see or talk to one of them, please show them your appreciation with a simple Thank you.  They deserve it!

On behalf of Little Paws Animal Clinic, THANK YOU for your on-going support and understanding.  Stay safe and well!