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Health Certificates

Health Certificates

Health Certificates

Every country has unique requirements when it comes to both national and international travel health certificates for pets. All relevant certificates need to be completed according to the laws and regulations of the country you’re traveling to. You will also need to research the time frame in which the country requires the certificates to be completed. Many countries ask that you have the certificates ready to file 5-10 days prior to your travel date, so you’ll need to do a lot of advanced planning in those cases. Other countries are more flexible.

Little Paws Animal Clinic is accredited with the USDA, meaning we’re able to conduct relevant exams and write and sign U.S. and international health certificates for your pets prior to travel.

Bottom line: do your homework and take care to adhere to the rules each country has put in place.

You will need an appointment to be issued a health certificate for your pet. Call us at (717) 633-3603 or click the above link to book your appointment.